How to Survive Living - & Even DIY

...especially when you are not a handyman!
Mike Finn

Hi there, welcome to a place where you can sit back and enjoy other people’s disasters (mostly mine)! I bring you tales from life in an attempt to avoid any of the tasks that my leader “Da Boss” keeps adding to. You can now choose from over 200 tales of madness and mayhem, so enjoy!

This is a saga of how silly and forgetful just one person can be. I am proof personified of this ability. Mind you I am not suggesting that you ever attempt any of the rather foolish things I outline in these tales!

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Eccentrics II

A most marvellous man, truly one of life’s greater characters. Enjoy this brief meeting with the fabulous Mr Tight!


English Eccentrics

Nutters or eccentrics? I prefer to think of them as “Characters”. See how Britain seems to encourage these types of people.