When things go missing – it’s Magic! When vegetables disappear from the rack and you find them all round the kitchen – it’s Magic! When doors open mysteriously for no apparent reason – it’s Magic! Finally when the phone calls come in from all around the neighbourhood- you can be sure it’s Magic!

Yes, Magic the Burmese kitten is up to his tricks in style. His new staff ( I dare not even type the word ‘Owners’ in case he hears about this) soon discovered that Magic loves vegetables, especially round ones. Now I can reassure you that he is not some pinko, gay, vegetarian cat, although he is apparently officially known as a Lilac point. No he doesn’t want the vegetables to eat, he uses them as cat friendly chewing and rolling items.

Helen, his chief of staff, soon discovered that she could retrieve any missing vegetables by looking under tables and chairs and even in Magic’s basket. Clearly they had no need to buy expensive cat toys, Magic was resourceful enough to use whatever was around. And if the potatoes started to look a little chewed at the edges then mashed potatoes was always an answer!

Similarly when items started to disappear from around the house in a random fashion it was only necessary to track down Magic’s favourite haunts and sure enough the lost items would be there.

The mysterious door openings soon ceased after it was realised that a closed door was an obvious challenge for Magic. But this was one that he mastered in a number of ways. Leaping up to dangle from the lever style door handles was child’s play, well cat’s play, to him! Quite how he has opened other doors remains a bit of a mystery, but no doubt time will reveal his cunning ways. The one thing that you can be sure of is that something unexpected occurs then Magic is invariably involved.

But perhaps the biggest impact that Magic has had in his new home is not in the house but in the entire neighbourhood. Even though he is still just six months old he has already demonstrated his adventurous spirit. This started off with the occasional sally into the neighbours’ gardens. In so doing he managed to make his second enemy. Despite being less than half the size of one neighbour’s cat he has somehow managed to establish superiority. In consequence that cat’s owner has taken to squirting at Magic with a water pistol.

Now we all know that cats hate water, don’t we? Clearly nobody has bothered to tell Magic about this and he regularly returned home soaking wet but with a swagger and a smile on his face.  On one occasion this wasn’t the result of a squirting from an irate neighbour, but from his discovery that walking on the surface of a pond was as yet beyond his abilities. No doubt if given enough time he will master this particular trick.

Climbing has also proved to be another area where Magic has introduced himself to other neighbours. Unfortunately on a number of occasions his ability to climb has not been matched by his capacity to get himself back down to ground level. There is little more effective in attracting attention than a tiny cat miaowing pitifully from the top of a tree.

In consequence Helen, his chief attendant, has developed her ladder skills and is now considering applying to the local fire brigade as a volunteer cat rescuer. She is able to shin up a ladder in any number of unusual places that include trees, rooftops and window ledges. So if you ever need advice on high cat rescues just let me know and I will get Helen’s advice for you!

But Magic hasn’t restricted his activities to simply climbing or swimming or annoying neighbours’ cats. His first and greatest love is making new friends and acquaintances. In other words he is a people cat. This has led him to join in with barbecues up and down the neighbourhood. People stop Helen and ask her if “That lovely little Burmese cat belongs to you?” As soon as she confirms this, they then let her know that he was round their place for the barbecue and was the hit of the evening.

In the course of just a few months he has been the key factor in Helen meeting more neighbours than in the previous couple of years. All of them are more than happy to relate their experiences with their encounters with Magic and almost without fail they refer to him as that friendly cat who just likes to visit!

But, as you already know, there is another side to this cheerful chirpy chap. And when his friendly approaches are spurned then you do need to be ready for some fairly drastic events.  All will be revealed in the next tale (or is that tail?)