After huge amounts of research and exhaustive testing we are now able to bring you a definitive set of tests that will enable you to discover the Real You.

Don’t you love all those quick tests that seem to fill Facebook. You know, the ones that after a few cunningly inventive questions will be able to tell you what your greatest strength is, or what nationality suits your personality!

But, they really never go into as much depth as they should, so this is your chance to find out so much more about the hidden you that you have been unable to discover in the time it has taken you to get to rely on FaceBook to make your mind up.

First of all you need to decide whether you are male or female. OK there isn’t a specific box for transgender people so just choose one of the two options, OK?

Now for the in depth cunningly crafted questions that will enable us to penetrate your mind.head3?


What age do you think you are?

Next, what age you would like to be?

Finally admit what age you actually are!

Now we come to some really deep questions that will help our experts.

When on holiday do you

  1. Steal the Germans sunbeds when they are at lunch
  2. Scoff at the people turning lobster red, but don’t offer them any sunscreen
  3. Try to remember who it was you insulted after too much wine or sangria, or was it the beer you had earlier?
  4. Finally admit that those young beauties are not interested in you, even when you suck in your gut.
  5. None of the above

Is your favourite evening outhead2?

  1. Fine dining with friends
  2. Time spent quietly with a loved one
  3. Partying with friends you have just met down the pub/bar/club
  4. At the Opera or Theatre
  5. None of the above



And finally are you

  1. Rich enough to bribe your way out of jail
  2. Attractive enough to sleep your way out
  3. Young enough to start a new life in a foreign country

Send your responses in complete confidentiality to me and I will give you a personal and in depth analysis that will shock you to your core. If you fit any two of the three final categories you will naturally be provided with the opportunity to fly me to a country of your choosing for a much more complex and thorough evaluation that will make one of us richer by far!