mideyesdownHave I mentioned that a group of extremely secretive – nay almost unknown, people may soon be having their story told?

These are the Eyen, who live far away in the High North, and you can find out more about these lovely people by checking in here now and again.

Their story is gradually being uncovered by the famous Boo, a young adventurer. He is travelling back in time and space to find out just how the Eyen ended up in the High North and yet can still be found much further south as they travel the world looking for good people.

Their stories will be revealed in the fullness of time, but as a little taster, here are a few pointers as to major events in the history of the Eyen.

“The Eyen have been around for a long, long time, in the high north. In olden times they could be seen by everybody and lived happily in the open. They knew all their friends and neighbours and made sure that the animals had plenty of space to roam and find food.”

“But then men came to their traditional homeland and started to want their land. These newcomers were greedier and wanted everything they saw – all for themselves.

“With the coming of these greedy men, some of the Eyen had started to copy them and wanted things just for themselves as well.”

“The Biggest changes happened with the Eyen who liked more human things. Every day thcross eyedey became more and more like humans, and unfortunately not particularly nice ones at that.”

“They became more and more selfish and bad tempered and soon people started to tease them and call them the Cross Eyen. In fact very soon their eyes also began to change as well and they actually became Cross Eyed.”

“When that occurred they discovered that they could only focus on what was right in front of their noses. Where before they had seemed to be able to keep an eye on everything, now the Cross Eyed could really only see things that were up close to them.

Mind you, they could see those things in every last detail, and they could be guaranteed to spot all the flaws and tiny imperfections in every single thing!”cross eyed2