Just a brief moment to share with you all. Well, that’s a lie! It was lots and lots of moments – and they had already lasted almost four months before the actual event.

It all began with the present from my two children last Christmas. A couple of double CDs that were extremely well chosen. The artists were Sting and Paul Simon and I was looking forward to listening to them and getting them on my various music players.

But that was not the real present. These were just a signpost to the real thing. Tickets to see Paul Simon and Sting in Concert in Manchester, which we went to just yesterday evening. And oh my word, what an amazing present it has been!

sting& simon


The whole of Manchester Arena rocked for over three hours of what might possibly be the best ever concert I have ever been to! These two talented singer songwriters just dovetailed like no others I have seen. They sang their own and each others songs and brought new depths of meaning from already powerful pieces.

And as for the fifteen musicians backing them plus the amazing voice of Jo Lawry, these made up the most gifted and talented collection of musicians on stage that I have ever encountered.

So, what happened? Quite simply we travelled in time from the sixties to the nineties with Paul Simon, and then from the seventies to the 21st century with Sting and kept discovering new elements to old favourites – Basically we got lost in music for well over three hours and came out the other end buzzing!sting&paul3

I won’t bore you with the set list or the weird and wonderful instruments that kept cropping up (from a bass tuba to a washboard and African mandolin). Nor will I mention the virtuoso piano or violin or drum sets. Why not? Because I cannot even think how I could convey how utterly enthralling and entertaining it was.

Just put it this way, the tour finishes in London on Thursday and what a fabulous treat everyone who saw it has had. The audience last night certainly revelled in seeing two masterful musicians play in harmony. Neither one needing to boost their ego, and both happy to collaborate to make their music even better.

The fact that one is 63 and the other 73 is almost unbelievable. The fact that they had twenty thousand people sitting in rapt silence one moment and then belting out choruses to popular songs the next says it all. They captivated and captured everyone, and left them filled to the brim with delight that they had been lucky enough to be part of such a fantastic concert. There were around 20,000 people there – and every one left happy.

A final couple of words,  for Charlie and Dan –  Thank You Both!