Well, that’s not strictly true but I will explain. It’s hard to believe just how quickly time flies. I mean it’s just a day or so since GrandJan and the Mini driver turned up here, and they are already getting ready to leave. How silly of them! The weather is just changing for the better and all of a sudden they are off.

Mind you I am off to Dagis (That’s my day school) again today, so they probably think that there’s not much point in hanging around if I am busy with my friends for most of the day.

Fortunately my little sister, Lolly has been able to keep them occupied when I go off for my usual power nap after lunch. That has meant that the whole burden of keeping them entertained has been lifted from my shoulders this time around.benbook

But kids, I should warn you that grandparents can be exhausting if you let them. I have had to spend hours teaching GrandJan to read properly. And do you know something, when I brought her some of my Swedish books to read she couldn’t understand a word! I was shocked and horrified. I mean Mum and Dad both switch from English to Swedish, no problem. But GrandJan just shrugged her shoulders and went “ Oh No Boo! I can’t read that.”

I suppose it’s because she is really really old, but dad just said its because she is English. They never learn other languages because they think everyone else should learn theirs.

I have even tried taking them to the kids library in Stockholm, but GranJan soon found the section with books in English, whilst grandad spent hours talking to a lady with a dragon sitting on her lap. Apparently it was on the lookout for children to come and help tell stories to the dragon eggs that needed help hatching, but that’s a tale got another time!

I have tried to keep GranJan up to speed with Swedish weather. We have had snow, sleet, hail, rain and even bright spring sunshine in the time she has been here so she can’t complain that the weather has been boring. Even my Swedish grandparents have been surprised at getting so many variations. Morfar ( that’s my mum’s dad) said that normally they get hail about three times a year, well we had three hail storms in just one day!bensnow

The funniest thing was that on one occasion dad was outside cutting bits off the apple tree, he called it plumbing or pruning or something. GrandJan was upstairs and she looked out of the window and said “look at that silly man in the tree in this weather!” She got embarrassed when I told her it was my dad, and said, “Well at least he is gardening, which is more than can be said for his father!”

I’m not sure if this was meant to be a good thing of a bad thing, so I have stored it away for future consideration. I mean Grandad does have a mini, and takes me for a drive with the roof off, and he does play with my cars with me, so that’s all that is really important anyway!

On yes, and he does send these notes out to you on my behalf, so he’s OK as far as I am concerned. Right, I had better stop now, I need another quick power nap before I have to get up for Dagis, so bye for now. Boo