Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 20.18.38A quick heads up here from my northern home, where I have great plans to take GranJan sledging! Yes that’s right, I am taking her out in the snow with me to see how good she is at pulling me back up the hills after I have made one of my fearless descents in the park nearby.

But I shan’t say this too loudly because she thinks that she is mostly going to watch, but with yet another pair of legs to drag me back up to the top I reckon that I can get even more practice in than usual. All I have to do is get them working in relays and then I won’t wear them out so soon.

Oh and incidentally that isn’t her in the picture, but it is quite an old photo – so you never know – do you?

Mum is not up to her usual activity levels yet because of Lolly. Oh, I had better tell you about her, she’s my new little sister you see. Now my parents have another name for her, but really she prefers me calling her Lolly.

She arrived a few weeks ago whilst I was staying with my Swedish grandparents and it was a bit of a surprise to me, but Mum and Dad seemed to expect it. Anyway Lolly turned up and I got a fantastic new digger too! Quite frankly that was much more exciting in my opinion.

But back to GranJan and the sledging. Because Mum is tied up with Lolly I am able to spend more time re-educating my English grandparents whilst they are over. Quite honestly they do forget so much between visits that sometimes I despair, but we must persevere you know!

I have decided to focus on GranJan for lots of the playing, because I need my grandfather to keep up my blog. I did try using GranJan, but to be honest she is not really all that up to speed on technology. On the other hand she is possibly the very best toy finder in the world.

I wonder if she was a child at some point in her past, and that’s why she knows what sort of stuff I like best. She certainly is a winner when it comes to books, cars and games! In fact this Christmas she just kept on surprising me day after day. I even got a car transporter with lots of cars on it, and the transporter had my name on it!

Today though I do want to get her outside exercising. I’ll soon have her cheeks rosy and glowing after an hour in the crisp air. I think of it as my contribution to her overall fitness. She certainly always looks good after one of our trips outside. Besides which she is always talking about “proper winters” and so I arranged for snow just for her!

After our snowy games I will probably grab some lunch and then a quick nap, if can be pretty exhausting trying to entertain two grandparents at a time, but someone has to do it. And I have sorted out another task for Grandad, he is a dab hand with his iPaddy and we have been singing “The a Wheels on the Bus” together along with “Ten in the bed”. And he is getting the hang of this now.


Right, time to go. Talk later