There are few things more exciting than a birthday, especially if it is just your third one. In fact this is probably the very first birthday that you will remember later in life.

How many of you can remember particular presents from certain birthdays? I am pretty sure that a large number of you will recall either your third, fourth or fifth birthday – even if it is many decades in the past

Which is why it was so much fun to watch Boo getting so excited that he could not even stand still. He danced about as if his legs were filled with jumping beans and if he had any more energy at all he would surely have lifted right off the ground.


Amazingly he had started the afternoon being quite shy. He came down from his afternoon nap to find both sets of grandparents waiting for him and so he was suddenly overcome with out of shyness. It is rare to have all four grandparents together because of geography and so Boo was entitled to be slightly overwhelmed.

But that didn’t last long at all, once balloons appeared all thoughts of being coy disappeared. He announced proudly in both English and Swedish that “I are three!” and we all cheered at this news.

I won’t bore you with details of presents, after all you probably would not be thrilled with the idea of getting a big garbage truck which flashed its lights and loaded up bins and tipped them into the back of the truck. Nor would you care too much about getting a bright red Mini that had doors that opened as well as a steering wheel that actually turned the wheels.

Let’s just establish that Boo was absolutely thrilled with the gifts and it was only the arrival of his special birthday cake, complete with candles that interrupted his time with the new toys.

After plenty of huffing and puffing Boo then demonstrated the Scandinavian love of icing as he worked his way through about a ton of pink stuff and then announced he was full. Fortunately his father was on hand to take care of the remains of the cake left on Boo’s plate, much to my disappointment I hasten to add!IMG_1847

Later on in the evening after one set of grandparents had departed Boo got to talk to his English Auntie and to open her present. Never before have I seen so much excitement generated by opening a package containing one of Thomas the Tank Engine’s fellow trains. Boo promptly started to explain to his aunt just who “Emily” was and he capered around the room in the same sort of way that we would expect from someone winning the lottery.

Quite frankly if we could only bottle and store that sheer delight then the world would be an amazing place for everyone. All too quickly we forget how to be fully immersed in the joy of the moment, and our lives are much less rich as a result.

In fact there are still presents to come, but those will arrive from time to time in order for him to fully appreciate them. The one thing for sure is that Boo gave us all a lesson in how to celebrate each moment fully, and to discover the joy of being three!