Well hello there.

I am not quite sure who I am talking to, or actually quite where I am; but I figure that the best thing to do is just to chatter away and wait for you to catch up with what is going on.

At least that is what seems to work best for me anyway. You see all this is very, very new to me. In fact until just ten days ago I was happily snuggled up in the warm and cosy place that I called home. Then quite suddenly the other Saturday I started to get the urge to get out and see a bit more of what was going on around me.

That was when I heard my mum start talking about “Things moving down!” Now I haven’t got the faintest idea what any of this meant, but the next thing I knew was that we got whisked off to a big building somewhere and I got an even greater urge to get out and about.

My mum says that if I had been any quicker then everything would have been over before she blinked. Now honestly, some people do exaggerate, but apparently even the nursing staff were surprised at how quickly I decided to come into the big wide world!

So that’s how this all started. Well, this phase anyway. And oh boy you would hardly believe all the weird stuff that goes on out here. None of the good old napping for most of the day with an occasional turning around and kicking out at the sides of the room (Or woom, as they call it apparently).

No, out here it is all much more complicated. If I want something I first have to call out to get mum’s attention, then I have to choose which particular cry to make so that she knows what it is I want. There are different cries for “Feed me” or “Change me” or “Rock me backwards and forwards” and you know something – nobody has even bothered to teach me them. I had to work it out by myself!

Fortunately Mum is pretty switched on and has picked up what each cry means. She still gets exasperated with Dad though. He just doesn’t seem to know the difference between the sounds. Mum explained it to me with one word, “Men!” And she rolled her eyes confidentially to me as she said it, so I am pretty sure that there is a lot more information waiting to be passed on about those “Men” people.

Oh and before I forget it I had better mention the final member of my family, this is my brother Boo. He has promised to help me get used to this new way of communicating because he knows best of all about all this techno stuff.

Anyway Boo seems to be alright up to now. He has come round and stared hard at me and knows that I am his little sister. Now, I’ll be honest with you, I have no idea quite what that means, so I will just go with the flow at this stage. Boo seems pretty nice though, he stroked my foot and tummy and is clearly almost as confused about what is what at the moment as I am.

Well, I am exhausted by all this writing, so I think that I will grab a quick nap or two. I promise to pay more attention to things over the next few weeks so that I can bring you guys up to speed about just what life is like as Lolly.


Oh, didn’t I tell you – that’s my name and it sounds quite lovely to me, so well done to my Bro for getting that right!