The hardest thing you have to do as a young trainer is get quality time with your subjects. There are so many things that get in the way that you really do have to focus and ignore all the usual distractions. If you don’t you soon start to lose control over your grandparents and that is a BIG mistake.

Fortunately this summer I have been able to reinforce my control by ensuring I had some quality training time whilst over in England. The results were fantastic, by the end of my stay I could rely on GranJan to do virtually anything I needed, sometimes even before I knew what I wanted.

The secret is all about mind control and I have been able to tune in to GranJan so that she now senses when it is time to take me away from mum and dad and get some proper playtime. That usually involves visits to the park or as we did one day, heading off on buses and trams.

Now I’ll let you into a secret, kids love buses, trams, trains, and basically anything where we get to sit and watch things zipping past us. It is even better if we can do this away from our usual guardians because it means that there will be treats ahead.

Let me explain to any of you newcomers, your single biggest allies in getting things that are normally forbidden or at least discouraged, are your grandparents. They are actually quite happy to allow you to be naughty. I am not sure but it might be that they are getting a little revenge on their own children by encouraging us to do slightly naughty stuff.

Once you know that then you can plan your visits to them much better. Don’t pick fights with your parents and be a bit of a brat, just bide your time and make sure that you get plenty of time alone with your grandparents. That way you can get the things you want without having to go down the temper tantrum route. That can be quite exhausting for everyone.

As I said earlier, I have now got GranJan properly attuned to the sorts of things that I really like doing and so we generally make sure that we get two or three periods of time when we are alone. Fortunately my little sister is quite capable of occupying both of my parents and so we work well as a team. She does her sleep, need feed, need nappy change type stuff and that soon wears them out, whilst I act the innocent and smile as I disappear to play with GranJan.

expression1Needless to say I have her primed and there is an endless supply of snacks and treats wherever she happens to be, plus she understands that I love to watch TV and is quite happy to allow me whilst she does other stuff around me. In this way I have been able to catch up on all my favourite programmes and by the time we had to leave I had quite honestly had enough to keep me going for months.

But, back to training. I can now switch GranJan into reading mode simply by bringing her a selection of my books and she happily sits down and gets on with the job. The glorious thing is that she really puts a lot of effort in and when she reads to me it is like the stories come alive.expression4

It’s amazing how she throws herself into the stories, one minute she is happy the next she is angry. At first this confused me but then I realised she was just bringing everything to life.

Personally I can’t wait until we get onto some of the adventure stories I have in mind. Just waiting for her to be an explorer facing up to wild wolves will be brilliant. And I know she will make it ever so realistic too!

I do have my doubts about the other grandparent though. I think that he might be sneakier than I first realised. Apparently he is actually working on some tales that will involve me, but he is playing this very close to his chest, so I will have to find out more before I can say anything.

eyes-darkOne thing that I have learned, however, is that there are a group of stories all about adventurous people from long ago who lived up in the far north. I wonder if these are some of my ancestors. You never know with these sneaky writer people, do you?

Next time I will tell you about my latest plans, so until then keep up training your grandparents, just like I am!