It’s amazing, today is my grandparents last day for training and general instruction. Unfortunately I had a prior engagement at Dagis, (that’s my dayschool) so I couldn’t be there all the time to make sure that they practiced.

IMG_0848I did however send Grandad off to the local shops to buy a few things that would help him remember me when they got back to England. Well, I kid you not, that man is so unreliable. I should have been much clearer in my instructions.

You see, he came back with apple bread and a nice cheese that I like, but he went completely off the rails when it came to bringing me a few treats as well. Either that or mum and dad got to him first. There were no surprise sweets at all! And I was pretty thorough in my searching I can assure you.

It’s crazy, because he remembered to get GranJan some licorice and even found her a licorice topping that she can squirt over her ice cream, but nothing like that for me at all. I will clearly have to work on him when I visit them in the summer.licorice

I mean, GranJan is an absolute push over in these matters. If we go out to the park to play you can be sure that within five minutes we have found an ice cream seller. She has this amazing internal radar that seeks them out even when we are somewhere new on holiday. Just give the two of us ten minutes away from mum and dad and you can be sure that ice cream has been discovered.

So, I will work on sending Grandad clear instructions about the sort of things I like. He already understands that Fish and Chips are right up there at he top of my holiday list, and he is pretty much up to speed on my need for lots and lots of toy cars, but he does fall down in the snacks and treats department.

Fortunately they don’t leave until later this afternoon, so I can give him some major one to one attention to reinforce my needs in the sweetie stakes. In fact what I might do is get him to have a power nap before they go, then I can work on his unconscious memory. It’s not difficult if you want to try it.

Just wait until your victim, whoops, grandparent is snoozing, then get nice and close to their head and whisper, remember to get sweets for…. And then say your name. It’s very important to do this three times, because their memories are absolutely rubbish.

Right, I’m off out to play now. Bye for now – Boo