Liars – the lot of them! Yes that’s right – they all lie to you (and me too). And what is worse they think they are doing us a favour. Idiots!

They think that they are telling us the truth, but they seem to forget that what they are really doing is giving us their own version of the truth, filtered through their old prejudices and experiences.

Unlike us, they have lost their objectivity and seem to think that their version of the world is the same for all of us. Oh boy did they get that wrong. Worse, they then expect us to respond to events and situations in the same way that they do. Then they look surprised/hurt/concerned when we act the right way!

I can think of hundreds of examples but will just give you one or two and then you will see where I am coming from.

Remember when you were a teenager? When your parents were always banging on about getting up at some ungodly hour like eight or nine o’clock in the morning. When they would moan on and on about you getting a part time job so that you could earn money and get an idea about “The Real World”.

Just where were they coming from? Theirs was far less relevant a world than yours. All they seemed to want to do was get up get out and get working. Then get home, get all irritated about the state of the house and get slightly tipsy before getting into bed! Call that a life?

Their lives were all about “getting”- Getting qualified; getting a good job; getting out in the fresh air, etc.

Ours were much more about other kinds of getting; not least of which (for the males at any rate) Getting laid! But although we rarely said it out loud, our lives would have been much better if THEY had got a grip and got a life!

As I said, they seemed to be living in a completely different reality and now I have learned that in fact THEY WERE, and didn’t even know it.

You see THEIR reality was sometimes not really even theirs (unless they had been particularly rebellious); for the most part they were living a reality that had been set up for them by their parents. Yes, that’s right. All the stuff they kept banging on about was simply the stuff they had heard as kids and were now passing onto us as if it was gospel.

No wonder people go on about age gaps and “Not being able to understand the youth of today!” That’s because they don’t even try to understand us at all. What is worse, because they had all the money and power, they were able to make things pretty much the way they wanted it.

thinkers_cartoonThe kids who went on to “succeed” were the ones who did all the things that their parents wanted them to do. Which is why for generations doctors followed older doctors into medicine or why entire families became lawyers of one kind or another.  Jeez they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and oh boy so many parents got flattered to death!

And yet there are still sufficient rebels and romantics to break the chain and do something completely different. These are the mad ones who decide to do something completely hair brained such as invent things, or paint or write or just go and do their own thing.

These, my friends, are the truly dangerous ones! They have identified that the twenty five thousand days that they are here for should be used to make a difference!

Yes, that’s right, I did say twenty five thousand days, for that is the rough count of days available to us if we live into our eighties. I have ignored the first few years as we use those to learn essential things such as walking and talking and generally getting to interact with others. But basically from the time when we start to have our own ideas and opinions until the Grim Reaper sashays in!

So, take my advice and get on with the things you have always fancied doing! Now I am not promoting mass murder or other harmful stuff; but if you have always thought secretly about travelling the world or taking up painting – then get on with it today!

Nobody ever lay on their dying bed and said “Oh I wish that I had worked harder!” So by all means do the work that pays the bills and makes life do-able, but then have a good hard talk with yourself and find out what you want to be remembered for.

Then when it is time to discover another reality you can look back and say “Boy, I am glad I did that!”

It’s what YOU think about everything that matters; not what your husband/lover/mother/father/significant other thinks. Even if they love you madly they cannot do your dying for you, so why should they expect you to live their lives for them?

Remember that it is your reality, your life, and your chance to do things, so live your life – not their lie!