“Life is 10% about what happens and 90% about how we react to it.”

What a brilliant observation – not mine I hasten to add; but one I thoroughly agree with. Goodness knows if the percentages are right – who cares. In a similar vein are the following comments:

“It’s all about attitude.”

“It’s just how you see things.”

We truly do exist in a world that is quite separate from everyone else’s. And in the same way your world is completely independent of mine.

Yes, our worlds do intersect from time to time, but until such time as you realise that we inhabit our own universes then there is little likelihood of us really ever beginning to understand each other.

Even better than that, in order to make some kind of sense of the world we invariably try to put people into categories. This then simplifies how we deal with them rather than taking each meeting as it comes.

One of the usual ways we separate people is to define them as “Glass half empty” or “Glass half full” people. My own take on this is “Well there’s a glass I can re-fill when I want to!” which no doubt confuses people because it doesn’t fit the usual response.

But that is just because of my attitude and how I see the world. I am not asking you to adopt the same approach – although I am sure that things would get on in a rather more exciting way.

In fact, I certainly wouldn’t want any surgeon operating on me to be too keen to try out any new-fangled ideas and notions when what I was after was a heart bypass or a new knee or hip. No sir, if you are operating let’s just stick with conventional wisdom please.

But back to everyday life, wouldn’t it be so much more thrilling and hopeful if people started to view things in a much more optimistic light? Instead of dwelling on the negative and the fear driven aspects of the world why can’t we start to re-frame events.

A classic example has been the recent attack by a lone man in London. We have no idea just what motivated him, but he drove his car at people on Westminster Bridge, killing four and wounding many more. Then he ran to the Houses of Parliament and stabbed a policeman to death before being shot by other security staff.

The headlines screamed about “Terrorism” “Islamic State murderer” and the like. Some American News coverage referred to London being in “lockdown because of terrorism!” The truth was that a single deranged person ran amok.

The police have stated that they do not think they will ever know what motivated him, but of course Islamic State immediately tried to claim him as “one of our foot soldiers” and the knee jerk reaction from many was that we needed to keep a watch on all those Moslems in our society.

How about taking a moment and establishing some facts. A man who has spent three terms in jail for anger related offences, a man who has been estranged from his mother for thirty years and who led a somewhat chaotic existence finally flipped and set about finding revenge.

We don’t need to label this as religious terrorism, we do need to recognise that we have people who need to be dealt with carefully for the safety and protection of the rest of us.

So how about more useful headlines such as:

 “Better security needed to deter attacks by deranged people!”

although no doubt The Sun would have snappier alternatives:

“Nutters Need Stopping!” or “MPs Need Nursemaiding!”