I have been asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing a few insights with you, although I have no idea just who the heck you are but, mainly to keep my Farfar[1] happy, I have agreed to let you know what life is like over the next few weeks.

First things first. My name is Boo and I am currently the No 1 grandchild in the world! I have no idea what that is, but I have heard it said so often that I assume it is something I should be proud of.

My life up until now has consisted mainly of eating, sleeping and lying in people’s arms To be honest with you it was pretty boring and so I decided to improve the quality of life by learning some simple tricks. These have made my parents putty in my hands and so I keep introducing new skills whenever I think their praising is dropping off too much.

You wouldn’t believe how two grown people get knocked out by me rolling over from my back and onto my tummy. If I had known how much it meant to them I would have done it months earlier, but hey I had clearly overestimated their level of sophistication.

At the moment I am quite happy scooting around the floor on my tummy, pushing along with my arms and legs, but I noticed the other day that I can get a new reaction from them by doing it much more quickly. Now instead of them getting happy and so on there is suddenly a new motion involved.

I think I have learned how to make them afraid! Now they think that by not talking about it in front of me that they can hide this fact; but we young people are pretty good at reading the hidden signs. in fact if adults knew quite how much we understood about them then life would get a lot tougher for us. As it is, we just gurgle and look at them with big wide eyes and they say stuff like “Oh how cute, how innocent they are!”

Oh boy, that lets us get away with murder – I promise you. We can destroy precious items, break antiques, wreck homes and all we have to do is smile happily and gurgle and we are instantly forgiven! I kid you not, we are given this inside tip right before we are born and it is probably one of the very best pieces of insider info we get given.

I am currently being introduced to a new country or two. Over the next few weeks I shall be travelling from Sweden to England and then on to a place called Wales. Apparently that is filled with sunshine and sheep stealers (whatever they might be!).

Anyhow, it is time for my nap now, so I will return with more news later on

Bye for Now


[1] Farfar is Swedish for Grandpa