Hi, Boo here once more.

I thought I had better bring you up to date with how I am gradually whipping my parents and grandparents into shape.

It has taken a few days for them to realise that I like things done at my pace, none of this frantic rushing around all the time, but a more leisurely approach with time for feeding and naps. And it was pretty easy actually. All it took was a few yells and mini tantrums and they fell into line.

Now they have a quick huddle each morning and work out a routine that fits us all best (i.e. that fits me best) and things are set for the day. I do try to be flexible though and in consequence we have been round Britain’s smallest city and its Cathedral (St Davids) and also to some monastery, which turned out to be a lot more fun.

The best bit of the monastery visit was that it was on an island. And we went out in a tiny boat, which scared couple of the older ones as they got worried about sinking and manoeuvring the buggy on and off the boat. But the best bit was when we came back.

The tide had gone right out, and so we couldn’t simply get back on board a boat from the stone jetty. All of a sudden a floating truck/boat type thingy roared across the sands and pulled up alongside the end of the jetty. We all started to shuffle down the jetty when the boatman announced that my buggy and another one had to be lifted over everyone’s heads WITH ME IN IT, so that we could be first to be transferred onto the actual ferry itself.

I had a whale of a time, but my mum and dad did look a little white faced about the whole deal, until I was finally in place. Then we drove off into the deeper water just like that. I bet that not many of you have been on an amphibious landing craft before, but I can thoroughly recommend it, especially if the sun is shining and the sea is nice and calm.

We then sailed back and I managed to distract a lady who was feeling a bit seasick. It’s amazing what I can do when I smile at people and get them to play peek-a-boo with me. They soon forget everything else and so I figured that had been my good deed for the day.

The beach has been great fun and I finally persuaded my parents that letting me play in the warm rock pools was much better than taking me into the ocean itself. That way my system wasn’t quite so shocked and I also got to play in the sand for longer. Winners all round I say!

Right, I had better get off now as there are stacking cups to knock down and a couple of things I want to investigate before we head off to Nottingham. It’s the trip back today and I think that I had better get in some exploring before the journey.