I thought I would bring you up to date with how things are progressing here on my holidays. As you probably know I have been given the task of training my grandparents for the month of July, so my focus has been on them mostly.

Having said that I have also had quite a bit to do with my mum and dad as well. It’s all the new experiences they are having that has made it quite a busy time for me. For a start they have had to learn about babies and sand. You would have thought they would know that I was going to taste it. And the same with the sea! Of course I splashed it and they were quite happy with that, but when I tried to taste it – OMG, you would have thought the world was coming to an end!

Anyhow they survived that panic and I have to say that my grandparents handled the whole thing pretty well, they just let me get on with what I wanted. Clearly they will be much easier to train than I had feared.

Travelling has been fun. Especially when my dad tried to fit the car seat into a new car. He has quite an extensive vocabulary, and he mutters an awful lot of things I can’t quite make out, but I think they might be what is known as “strong language”.  He has had to learn how to strap my seat into two different cars and each one has its own quirks with regard to seat belts.

In addition to cars I have also been on a boat and some weird truck and boat all in one thing. That happened when we were coming back from the island with the monks on it. The sea just disappeared from where it had been when we arrived and so we had to get onto this “Landing craft” thingy. That was fun because I had to be passed down the line of people over the heads until I was right by the changeover place. That was where I then got lifted over into the boat itself.

I thought it was fantastic fun, but clearly my mum and dad were a little worried by the looks on their faces. They had already had one fright earlier on when I had been eating grass and then was just a little sick over dad! I really don’t know what the fuss was about. My gran had just said “Oh cats do that all the time!” but my dad didn’t seem to think that was a helpful remark. Anyway I have decided not to eat grass for the moment.

Yesterday was even more fun. My grandparents had decided that I liked the sea so much that they would bring some back with them. I don’t know how they did it, but this lot was not nearly as salty, but I could splash away as much as I liked and so I had two sessions, one with a swimming thing on and the second time I got nekkid! Ooh that was fun. I got water all over me and tried to eat one of the Olympic Ducks that was in the pool with me. It has just the right shape beak to chew on.

Today Mum and Dad have gone out for the day, they deserve the break. Apparently they are going to see a Lion King. Anyway that gives me a great chance to break in the grandparents, so I am off now to have a quick sleep before my work begins.