Hi there Guys

And by that I do mean girls too, but hey we younger ones don’t get hung up on names and titles as much as the older people out there. You know, they could learn something from us if they only realised that we are all just people.

OK some of us are smarter, or quicker at learning new things, but hey – we are all people y’know and we all do things at our own pace and in our own way.

That’s something I have really started to notice – that the older ones spend an awful lot of time looking at books and stuff and saying things quietly to each other like “Hey it says that he/she should be blah blah blah by now. What should we do?”

Well you guys, the first thing you should do is throw away those blasted books and spend time just enjoying what we are doing. Having said that, this last day or so has been pretty hectic and also a little disturbing too!

You remember I told you the other day about this great big obstacle course I found. Oh boy that was fun. I have got my commando crawl down pretty neatly; in fact I have discovered how to put the fear of G-d into Mum and Dad by suddenly disappearing down the corridor. That’s been the beauty of this holiday place in England. It has so many rooms and corridors that I can scuttle along like an eel on wheels. It has certainly kept the parents and grandparents on their toes. One second I am grinning at them with the cute look No 1, the next I am off down the hallway like a scalded cat.


Hah, you should see their faces; they don’t know whether to be worried or proud! But that’s al part of what they have to learn. You see I do take my job seriously, I have been teaching them almost non-stop for the last month on this holiday and they have learned so much in that time. I am really proud of how they have kept up with me.

Anyway back to the latest news about the big red obstacle course. Now I had been able to get up about six or seven of the great steps, but I’ll be honest with you, they can get tiring. I mean each one is just about a third of my height when I stretch out and almost half my height when I am in crawl mode. The thing is that they got crafty with me the other day and started squeaking this little rubber policeman toy at me.

Now I don’t know about you, but those lovely soft squeaky rubber toys are a must have, and so I chased the thing right up to the top of the stairs. It was a bit weird, because every time I thought I had reached the stair it was on it had somehow mysteriously leapt up to the next stair. I tell you I gave it a darned good biting when I finally caught up with it.

But the oddest thing was I suddenly saw my dad and his dad laughing and carrying on. You won’t believe it guys, those so and so’s had been videoing me as I made my way up. And they had never even asked if it was OK by me! Typical!

Anyway I am now officially Ben Stairwalker according to my dad. My granddad said he thought ‘the farce was with me’, or something like that and my dad then made a joke in Swedish all about Farfars (That’s granddad in Swedish) and they laughed as if it was really funny. But the main thing is that I was so worn out that I slept like a log that night and mum and dad got a good night’s sleep too. I was so pleased for them.

Sometimes they don’t seem to be able to sleep all that well though. I wake up in the night and the next thing you know they are awake and patting me and saying nice things. I think that’s their way of trying to go back to sleep, so I try and get them to do some more before I fall asleep again. It is weird though. I mean I suppose it is some instinct on us babies’ part that lets us know the parents are awake and need soothing. I mean they are always awake when I check them out in the night!

I think I’ll finish now, but I will write to let you know about a slightly more sinister event that happened just the other day. I tell you, for a moment I thought that I was going to be a candidate for ‘sleeping with the fishes’, as my Italian friends call it. But that story will wait for another day!

Keep the faith and keep up the good work. We’ll get the older ones trained in good time.