What does Everyone Want? Short answer – whatever it is that is most pressing for them at that time.

It could be money, or time or love or friendship. It could be something to eat or drink or it could be that most intangible thing of all – a sense of achievement. Or it could simply be to be acknowledged and recognized as a person.

The second thing we need to include is that it depends on the individual’s situation.

For someone struggling by on Social Security then their money demands will be significantly different from someone earning a much bigger chunk of money but with calls on that to cover school fees, mortgage and lifestyle.

If a person is sick then good health is what they want most. Ask anyone with a life threatening illness and money and possessions pale into insignificance.

An old person wants youth.

Especially if that includes the vigour and vitality they once used to enjoy

A lonely person wants friends or lovers.

They really just want to have someone to share things with, both good and bad.

A young person wants to be older.

Because when they are…. (insert age) they won’t have to obey parents, or will be able to drink or will be free to….

A prisoner wants freedom.

Include in this category anyone who feels imprisoned by their life and surroundings.

A hungry person wants food.

In the case of a significant number in the third world, their want is an actual need, for their survival.

respectBut everyone wants respect from others.

This one is so universal even people in prison value this most. Yet this is often the one that gets overlooked.

It is striving to reach new goals, to achieve new accomplishments, to improve your lot in life that makes life worth living.


For some people it is complaining about what they don’t have that serves this purpose since they don’t have the energy or the willingness to push themselves to reach out for the things they want.

Their fear of failure is greater than their desire for success.

Still, the worst possible situation for anyone is to have everything they want.  Then they have no reason to live any more. Anyone who has all the things they ever wanted is ready to die.