Are we the greediest generation in mankind’s short history?   According to a recent book it would appear that the west’s baby boomers are in fact just that! What is worse is that we are also trying to stop some of the costs of our worst excesses by appealing to the good nature of the poorer people of the world.

And will we ever learn that simply stating that something is ‘good for the planet’ is not really going to have any effect on anyone for whom each dollar, peso, or baht, earned is essential to their physical well being?

Why do we think that we can persuade people in the third world to put everyone else first by appealing to their good nature and whining about how everyone must stop spoiling the planet. Surely it makes far more sense to appeal to their greed instead!

We are trying to play the eco friendly card and then we wonder why they tell us to take a hike. How crazy are we at times? Instead of trying to appeal to people’s eco awareness we should be using the very thing that drove US on – Greed – or at least the desire to have something for less money than before.

So, instead of preaching about the need to ‘help the planet’ by using less power or fossil fuel we should instead be telling people how we can save them money! Nothing appeals quite as much as that!


Better still we could tell them how to make their money go further so they can buy more of the things they really need – such as better food, or any of the things that we take for granted in more developed countries. In other words we should be working out how to make their lives better today and tomorrow whilst at the same time we apply our brains to working out how to give them that in more eco-friendly ways.

It surely isn’t such an amazing concept is it? If you find ways of making things more affordable and at the same time give people in the third world the means to earn more then you are going to be much more popular than if you try to deny them the things you have in abundance!

Our task is quite simply how can we deliver more of what people want in a way that isn’t going to cost us, or them, the earth. We need to find more energy-efficient ways of production and cleaner ways to get the goods and services to where they are wanted.