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Lennon bas-relief

There are certain people and animals that stand out from the rest. This tale is about one such animal and I am being quite restrained about some of the escapades into which he has already fallen – all in his first six months of life.

You see, this is all about a small cat that believes he has not merely nine lives but several hundred, and is therefore close to immortal.  No wonder therefore that he has already been found balancing on rooftops in the most precarious of positions, or that he has already attempted to swim the neighbours pond.  That was after his attempt at walking on water had failed rather spectacularly!

And so, without further ado, let me introduce you to that most magnificent of cats – Magic. Now Magic lives in south London and has his main staff with him in Pepys Road, Wimbledon.  I say his main staff, because of course he has other families to tend to his needs all round the local area.

Magic is a thoroughbred Burmese with a pedigree that stretches to several yards of paper; with champions and grand champions galore in his background. The one thing that all this does not prepare you for is his incredible desire to cause mayhem and mischief wherever he goes.

In size he is a small cat, but his stature in the neighbourhood is incredible. Although he appears to be a tiny kitten he has the heart of a lion, the cunning of a polecat, and the disruptive power of a small nuclear device.  If he could be weaponised he would be classified amongst the most dangerous items in any arsenal.

As it is. he has already established his standing as a dangerous cat to cross. In fact that began within minutes of him arriving at his new home. He spotted that one of the members of the extended family was not really a cat lover. In fact she was not easy with cats around at all.

So what did Magic do? He carefully moved closer and closer to his new victim, all the while making sure that he was in her eye line. As her discomfort grew he smiled charmingly and beguilingly at her. Naturally everyone else had fallen under Magic’s enchanting spell and chatted about how cute or adorable he was. And so playful too!

Well, there was nothing playful at all in the way that he stalked his victim mercilessly. He edged closer and closer, all the while noting her increasing discomfort. Not yet four months old, he already had the sharp and evil instincts of a truly wicked cat. And of course he masked this inner devilry well from everyone else other than his victim.

“Oh yes,” he seemed to be saying. “I know that this is torture for you, but hey I’m just a little baby kitten aren’t I?  At least that’s what the others think. You and I both know different, and that’s our little secret isn’t it?”

He moved yet closer and J became even more agitated than before.

“I think he’s trying to get me,” she blurted. “He’s trying to freak me out. And he’s succeeding! Do something!” She turned to her boyfriend who had already fallen under Magic’s spell.

“Oh don’t be silly, he just wants to play, that’s all! Just ignore him and he’ll go off and play elsewhere!”

It was as if the kitten understood what was being said for he leapt about the floor and played with all the toys that he had brought with him from the breeders’ place.

“See, I told you he was just getting his breath before he played some more,” announced J’s boyfriend. Magic just looked up at J at that moment and it was as if he winked at her conspiratorially. The game would continue later!

Sure enough, after chasing various toys around for ten minutes it was time to get back to the real game, practicing stalking his prey, and what’s more doing it in the open right in front of everyone’s eyes. This would establish him as the alpha male in the territory; and as for his prey, well that’s what prey is for, isn’t it?

He waited until J’s attention was elsewhere and then with the most playful of pounces he landed right in her lap!  She shrieked, he grinned, and that was when I knew that although he was known to his new family as Magic, in fact he was something much more.

He was in fact “Le Chat Qui Rit”

This is just the first tale of Le Chat Qui Rit or the cat who smiled.

I will be bringing you more tales of this most magical of cats, but you can at least start to get a feel for the fun and frolics that lie ahead. I think I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed!